Puppies aren't the only thing we offer here! (Though in my opinion they are the best thing we offer!) I also offer training, and we hope to offer boarding in the future. I feel like it is important to have a breeder who doesn’t hand you a puppy over the fence and say have a good life. On the other, I also don't feel the need to hang over you and tell you exactly how to raise your puppy. But I will be here to help you with all the questions, training tips, and any other problems that come with getting a new puppy or dog. Because who better to help you with your new Chessie, than another Chessie owner and your puppies breeder. (Keeping in mind that I offer the same things even if you got your puppy elsewhere.) I offer puppy training which can be done before you get your puppy, or at a later date. It of course is not required, but is recommended, especially for first time Chessie owners. I also offer training for all breeds and ages of dogs, because contrary to the saying, old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Check out my classes and contact me for rates (as they vary due to the difference in dogs) and specifics, or to schedule a meet and greet.

Services offered to new puppy families.
Puppy Training - 1 month

Your new bundle of joy will learn the basics. At this stage we are building the foundation for your pup to grow into a well behaved dog. This is offered for all puppies that are sold by us as well as puppy that are 6 months or older and have all their shots. (Rabies is not necessary.) Puppies that are sold by us will stay with us an additional month before going home. Puppies that are brought in to the program will stay a month from their drop off date. Contact us for pricing.


*Payment for puppies that are purchased from D.O.C must be paid for before training is started and training must be paid for before pickup. Payment(s) for puppies that are dropped off will need to be paid before the puppy is taken home. 



Crate Training--1 Month

Your puppy will learn to love their crate, which will keep everyone sane. This will also help to potty train your puppy. It would be best if you had a crate that is no bigger than your puppy, or at least a blanket you want them to have in their crate at home. Crates either wire or plastic can be purchased from me at an additional cost, as well as waterproof mats.

*All of your puppies items need to be clearly marked with their identification.

*What to bring for your puppy:

  1. Food and water dishes.

  2. No more than one toy.

  3. A blanket or mat to put in their kennel. 

  4. Food and any medication they may need.  


*Note that Desert Oasis Chesapeakes is nor responsible for any damage done to items brought in by owner for their puppy. Puppies are destructive, therefore we cannot guarantee your items to stay intact.

* I will not take puppies who have recently been altered, had surgery, need medication, or have tested positive or been found with contagious canine diseases. All wounds must be healed and a letter from your vet stating the health of your puppy must be obtained before I can take them.



Services offered to the general public.
Behavioral/Basic Training

This is offered to dogs of all ages, breeds, and problems. Basic obedience includes; sit, come, down, stay, heel and more. This training is done in our home/kennel, classes are all one on one with your dog(s). There is a one time FREE evaluation. At that time you can choose to leave your dog(s)/puppy(ies) with us starting for a week, or take them home to try the guidance we have given. If you choose to leave your dog, you do NOT have to leave them with us that day, we will work with you on drop off and pickup times.

Basic Obedience and some behavioral problems start at $200/week and go from there dependent on length of stay and ease of training. Price includes 7 days  of training, boarding, and care. Not all dogs learn at the same rate, therefore I CANNOT guarantee the time needed to teach your pet.

All dogs/puppies must come with; a crate, food/water bowls, enough food for their stay, toy(s), leash, and collar. Anything not provided by the owner can be purchased from Desert Oasis Chesapeakes, all purchased items will go home with the dog/puppy on pick up.

  • Custom Paracord leashes start at $10.00 and go up based on options [length, braid, and color(s)]
  • Wire or Mesh Crate
    • S, M, L, XL
  • Martingale Show Lead
    • Tan
    • Brown
    • White
    • Black

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