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Welcome to Desert Oasis Kennels, home of our little family of kids, Great Danes, Labradors, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. We live on a "quiet" 10 acres just outside of Soap Lake, WA. Our dogs are family members and ambassadors for their breeds, showing off their skills in patience, love, and train-ability when they can accompany me to our family business in Ephrata or around the town. My dogs and puppies are all raised around kids, loud noises, birds, livestock, and water. 

We started with Chesapeakes in 2013, just after we were married, see that story below! We had our first litter in 2015, that was our Kyra & Jackie Brown litter. The feeling I got when I sent all 6 of those furry rascals home to their new loving families is why I continue what I do. There are few other feelings like it, a true bittersweet moment. After successfully building our Chesapeake program we decided to add another breed to the mix.

That was in 2016, we weren't 100% sure what breed we wanted to add, but we knew we wanted another large or giant molasser breed. We looked and looked, that's when we found Kai's breeder! A Dane wasn't really on the list, but after seeing the picture of my pretty little blue girl, I was in love.

HUGE thanks to Bittersweet Pet Transportation for getting my Kai to me safe, sound, and so very happy. I know Edgar still has a sweet spot for his first Dane delivery ;). She was a lot to get used to.

Danes are a lot like an infant in a toddlers body. You think they should know better because of their size, but often have to remind yourself they are just puppies. We welcomed our first litter in Spring of 2017 from Nona & Swagger.

In early 2020 we added Labradors, starting with our sweet Xander Boy. We drove all the way down to San Francisco to pick him up from his breeders, who flew with him from Kansas. We then added Imp and Nixie, sisters from Hungarian import lines. 

If you would like to know more about out program feel free to contact me. If you would like to know more about the dogs, check their pages above.

Okay! I have to be honest here, I never wanted a Chessie! I know it's hard to believe, but I had heard enough "RUMORS" about them as well as personal experience to try and talk Nathan out of getting a Chessie! (For those of you who didn't know Max originally belonged to my brother in law.) I had my dad's experience with his Chessie lashing out at my pregnant mother, and a Chessie I had met at my work, who I was informed, would often snap at his owner for seemingly no reason. And living with a dozen nieces and nephews I didn't see how a Chessie would fit into the family. Though I did stop persisting and actually found a breeder just to have a puppy around. BOY was I ever wrong! A Chesapeake raised with the right surroundings is an AMAZING family dog. Chessies really have a one of a kind attitude. But be aware these dogs are NOT for first time or inexperienced dog owners! Nor are they a great dog to be left alone at a farm as a guard dog! THEY NEED TO BE SOCIALIZED!! Chessies love their people and want to be with them. I love this breed and I want to share their talents and loyalty!

The health of our dogs and their puppies are of the upmost importance! 



Call us today to meet the dogs.


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