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Desert Oasis' Sharp Dressed Man

AKA: Swagger


COLOR: Black w/white markings

OFA Hips: OFA PreLim Good

OFA Eyes: Normal

Heart: Vet checked Normal

IMGD: Clear

Color Testing

D Locus (Dilute) D/D Non dilute

H Locus (Harlequin, Great Dane Type) h/H Carries Harlequin

S Locus (White Spotting, Parti, or Piebald) S/S  No white spotting, flash, parti, or piebald

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Swagger may have been brought to our kennel as an adult, but he acts as though he has always been with us. He is glued to my side and never leaves.

He is very gentle with kids, despite his large size. He is the sweetest goofiest boy I have ever met.

He stands at 30" and weighs between 130lbs and 140lbs.



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