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Oldies, but Goodies

Each dog that passes through our kennel will leave a paw print! These are out dogs that were better suited in another home, or better suited for another task. We strive to breed only the healthiest and most sound dogs. Some dogs unfortunately won't make that cut. Though some will stay with us, some are better suited with a family all their own. Check back here for retired dogs looking for a nice home to kick back and relax! Contact us if you see an available adult you would like to add to your home. Click on the picture to see more information.

Maxwell Gets Smart

Due to being Diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia Max was removed from our breeding program. He now lives a peaceful retired life on my father in laws farm.

Max is fun loving and sweet, the reason I LOVE the breed! He is my "foundation" dog and my favorite guy! A lover and a fighter, he will cuddle and protect our property when needed. He loves to meet new kids, and cats are all his best friends! (Even if they don't think so.) He loves all animals and kids, though he is weary with adults he loves to meet new people. Click on his image to see more about him!

Kyra's Cosmic Comet

Kyra has found a loving home with a boy of her very own. She will hunt and be a couch warmer!

She has amazing drive for hunting and has loved it since her first wing! She seems to be like most females, kind of out for herself. She adores kids and wants to be a mommy! Read more about her by clicking her image! (Yes, the image does describe her attitude perfectly!)

Sarbonna Rusalka
Passed 2020 
RETIRED SHR Bourbon Bay's
Other Woman

Sarbonna aka Nona is my big sweet goober girl. She is so sweet and lives to be a mother.

Jolene is sweet natured and loves kids and other dogs. She is very down to earth and very protective.

Desert Oasis'

Clover is the daughter of Jolene and Ruckus. She is a petite little thing with the drive and the spirit to excel in the field.

Desert Oasis's Gem of Naxos
Desert Oasis's Keeper of the

Passed away

Kai is the dane that started it all. My pretty blue bell. Kai brought peace to our little kennel. She was always the balance needed. She was a sweet and selfless dog. She had no enemies and was very passive. Everyone she met was her friend, even if they didnt know if yet. She added so much to out little pack. She will be missed and she was gone too soon. :( 

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