Always gotta love a nice lookin' female!


This is where you get to meet the girls that bring your puppies into this world! Learn their attitudes, their health clearances, and their accomplishments. Just click on the girl's image and you can get more info.

Desert Oasis'
Hey Listen
Desert Oasis'
Farnell Sent 
Her Over

Clover is the daughter of Jolene and Ruckus. She is a petite little thing with the drive and the spirit to excel in the field.

Scarlet is Emery's niece and thus far an adorable addition to our kennels. We will keep all updated as she grows.

Desert Oasis'
Ocarina of 
Already in love with baby Mystic!.jpg
Black Devils
Spirit of Desert

Zelda is Emery's niece and Scarlet's sister. She is my brothers girl, but a part of our pack. :)