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Why do I breed?

Now I know I have covered why I chose to breed the Chesapeakes as a breed, but why do I breed at all? I hope to answer that for you now. I love dogs always have, I likely always will. So it made sense to me to have a job or hobby that allowed me to work with them. Growing up my dad and his friends bred hounds and various other hunting dogs. My Grandma before him bred Cocker Spaniels. Then we bred sled dogs, not generally for sale to the public, more for our own use if we needed to add to the teams when we retired and old dog.

Then when I moved to Ephrata all that ended, I had to find new homes for the two dogs I had at the time, so I was then without a dog. It was different not owning a dog for a couple years, sure there were dogs around, but it just wasn't the same. So when my now husband and his brother started looking for a dog friendly place to live I was very excited! Though my apartment still didn't allow dogs, maybe they would get one there! Sure enough, we found Max. Nathan made the decision to purchase Max, making him my brother in laws dog, not mine. Though I hung out with them enough that I always saw Max.

We drove over two hours to pick him up and he was the cutest little puppy I had seen in a long time!Then when my husband and I got married, Nathan gave us Max as a wedding present! I was very excited, he was the sweetest, gentlest, and goofiest Chesapeake I had ever met. I loved his color and his attitude, so much so I wanted to pass it on. So after a lot of talking and convincing we decided to get a little girl Chessie.

It took A LOT of searching to find what we were looking for, but we found her. Little Kyra was born in Aberdeen, about 4 hours from us. So it was a long haul both ways for both of my Chessies, but very worth the drive.So I chose to breed for a few reasons; to better the breed through selective breeding, to help share this amazing breed with others, and because I love it!Of course as many of you know we were unable to pass Max's amazing attributes on, even though he started this, as he has mild hip dysplasia.

That is the reason for doing your homework and finding a breeder that does the health tests on their dogs, so you have healthy, happy dogs for their whole lives! Whether you intend to breed or not, ALWAYS find health tested parents!Look for our new page coming soon on the importance of health testing!!!

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