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Who am I?

That's a great question! Who is this lady who says she will sell me a puppy? Why is she breeding dogs? What does she have to offer that other breeders don't?

All great questions I will answer for you now. To answer the first question will take a little personal history. I grew up with dogs, I have rarely gone anytime without them. In fact I have had a love for man's best friend so long, they are included in my baby book.

My dad used to raise hounds, that is where is started for me,though you could say breeding is in my family, as my grandmother, on my dad's side, raised Cocker Spaniels. So it was something I was born into I guess you could say. I have owned a variety of dogs, ranging in size, breed, and temperament.

Most were strays that wandered on to our property or were dumped. Some of the the breeds included; Dachshund, Bichon Frise, Labradors, huskies, Border Collies, Rottweilers, Australian Cattle Dogs, and other combinations of huskies bought from a lady that sold her sled dog operation to us. Not all of these dogs were well socialized when we got them, some were very socialized and loved, and we sought out the owners of all the strays. Though most never claimed their dogs. The ones we couldn't keep were vaccinated and trained by me and sent to new loving homes (most are still in those homes, others have passed). This was all done in my middle school to high school years.

I loved each and everyone of the dogs that came into our care, and I continue to do the same with all of puppies I raise. Though the operation I have now is much smaller than when I lived with my parents, this gives me time to spend more personal time with each dog.

Now as for the second answer, see the next blog! ;)

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For now have a great night.


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