The Girls! 

Here you can see more information on the girls.
Yellow Girl
Litter Name: Dusty Rose
Nick and Molly Sue 

Dusty was the 5th puppy born. She was born at 13.6oz. She is likely to end up looking much like her Aunt Emery, shown on our website cover picture. She has already lightened considerably. UPDATE: Dusty has an outgoing never stop kind of attitude. She has to have something to pack around! 

LoveSpell Girl
Litter Name: Wynn
Chris DePratu

Wynn was 3rd puppy born. She weighed 13.1oz, that makes her my littlest puppy. She may be small but she is mighty! Wynn is growing well and developing great, I haven't seen too much of her personality, but I'm sure we will soon. UPDATE: Wynn is so sweet, if you don't pick her up she will stare at you with those big blue eyes until you do, and trust me, you will! 



White/Pink Camo Girl
Litter Name: Mirage



Mirage was the 1st puppy born, and to my surprise she came out backwards (breech). She has been her own puppy ever since. She is a spitfire and has the loudest attitude of all of the puppies. She came 1st and different, and hasn't changed! She weighed 14.7oz at birth, making her my biggest girl. UPDATE: Mirage has calmed, though she is still very much her own puppy, she is also very cuddly and love to fall asleep in your lap. 

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