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The Girls! 

Here you can see more information on the girls.
Still Available
Litter Name: Tarah
Tarah is a sweet natured baby that just loves attention. She goes with the flown and just has a good time.
Still Available
Litter Name: Laral

Laral is a happy little girl always looking for an adventure. Always ready to rock and roll when you are. She is also the darkest puppy.


Going Home to LA Congrats to the Schultz Family!
Litter Name: Eshonai

​Eshonai is a big girl ready to handle the geese she is going to be bringing home for her new family! Sweet and always on the hunt. 

Will be joining Adam , Kelsey & her half brother Moose in WA
Litter Name: Jasnah
Jasnah is a big goof that is always around to make you laugh. I am sure she will keep her big half brother Moose energized and on his toes!


Litter Name: Shallon


Shallon is a absolute goofiest puppy I have EVER met. She is a laugh a second and always in your lap if it's offered. I am not sure why this little girl doesn't have a home of her own yet.

Will be joining  the Gwinn family in WA
Litter Name: Sylphrena


Syl  is smart as a whip, the only puppy i have ever had consistently able to remove her whelping collar. :) Look out Gwinn's you have a genius puppy coming your way.

Will be joining her new family in UT, Congrats Lynae and Gunner
Litter Name: Navani


Navani is a sweet natured always ready for a cuddle kinda gal. She can puppy dog stare right into your heart. Good Luck Lynae may the force be with you!!

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