The Boys!

Here you can see more information about the boys. 
Carolina Blue
Litter Name: Tahoe

Tahoe was the 2nd puppy born, and the biggest, he takes gentle giant to a whole new extreme. Being born at a whoppng 1lb 3.4oz he is my biggest and calmest puppy. Tahoe has the best attitude and personality. If I howl he joins in, he is very animated and so sweet to his siblings. UPDATE: TAhoe continues to be my gentle giant. He is my biggest baby and such a sweet boy. 

Litter Name: Luxor
New Name: Brody

Luxor was 4th born. He weighed in at an even pound! He is a very sweet and affectionate puppy when he wants to be. He has an amzing coat, and I am excited to see how he grows. UPDATE:Brody doesn't like to go without his humans. He is all about human companionship. He is the second biggest male. 

Dark Blue
Litter Name: Reno
New name: Moose

Reno was last, but certaintly not least, being puppy #6 means you have a lot to live up too!! He is quickly outgrowing Luxor, and catching up to Tahoe. He was born at 1lb 0.6oz. Reno is always on the move, though he is getting better at cuddling. UPDATE: My always on the move guy is now my always asleep guy. He is such a handsome fellow. 

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