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The Girls!   

Here you can see more information on the girls.
SOLD-Knight Family-WA
Litter Name:  Pharah
Always on the move . She came out first and hasn't slowed down.
SOLD-Orlob Family OR
Litter Name:  Sombra
Here to "hack" her way into your heart, sweet little Sombra is Brigitte's twin. 


SOLD-Meyers Family
Litter Name:  Brigitte
Little but mighty Brigitte is Sombra's twin.  Very sweet and very  colorful. She ranges iu color from dark chocolate brown to white marked. 

SOLD-Suaer Family
Litter Name: Mercy
Small and sweet Mercy is the cutest little doll of a puppy. 


SOLD-Pullen Family-WA
Litter Name:  Orisa
Orisa is a fighter. She is small but mighty! 


SOLD-Whipple/Peplinski Family WA
Litter Name:  Ashe
This big classy gal loves to cuddle. 


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